OxyElite Pro Review – My Thoughts and Impressions

21 02 2011


  • It’s effective
  • Boosts weight loss
  • Boosts energy
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Minimal side effects


  • Extremely potent
  • Causes sweating
  • Pricy

When I began searching for a fat-burner to incorporate in my P90X routine, OxyElite Pro was one of the first and most hyped products that I found. Just typing OxyElite Pro into Google will produce almost 300,000 results, with pages upon pages of positive reviews. While researching OEP and reading so many raving reviews on it, I couldn’t help but wonder if this product can really be as great as everyone says it is. Can you really lose weight with this fat burner? Does it live up to the hype, or is it just another weight loss fad? Well, after using OEP for six weeks, I found that it did in fact live up to the hype.

OEP is the first fat burning supplement that I’ve ever used and it has definitely set the bar high. The very first day that I began using it, I noticed the stimulants start working within the first 30 minutes. It didn’t make me anxious or paranoid, and it didn’t give me the jitters (as others have reported in their reviews), but what it did provide me with was a constant and reliable source of energy and focus throughout the day. It usually takes me about two hours and multiple cups of coffee to really get the energy and focus that I need to carry out my daily tasks, but one pill of this stuff in the morning and another early in the afternoon would have me ready to go.

While using OEP, there was a noticable change in my appetite. I had to force myself to eat my usual 6-8 meals a day, and meeting my intake goal of 1800 calories daily was almost a challenge in itself. But I managed, and it really worked out for the better.  It is important that you stick to a healthy diet while using this product. If you fail to do so, the appetite suppression will not be as effective as it should be.

Another great thing that I noticed was that I was burning between 50 and 75% more calories during cardio-intensive workouts. During the Kenpo X routine in P90X, I was burning roughly 650 calories before starting with the OEP. While using OEP, however, my calories burned went up to around 950, and some days even upwards of 1150 calories burned in a single workout.  And by the end of the workout, I was rarely exhausted and honestly could have burned even more calories.

While OEP is definitely a very effective product, it is no magic pill.  A healthy diet and workout routine is crucial for this product to work.  While you would probably still benefit from some of the energetic properties without a proper diet and workout plan in place, the fat burning aspect of OEP would not be effective.  It is a very potent product and should be used with care.  It is recommended to take a multivitamin while using OEP, or it could have unwanted side-effects such as minor hair loss and changes in skin complexion.  Another downside of the product is the price.  At $40 for the 90 capsule bottle (at GNC), it is quite pricy.  I will say, though, that results are worth the price you pay for the product.

In rating OxyElite Pro, I give it the following scores:

  • WEIGHT LOSS  9.5/10
  • ENERGY  8.5/10
  • PRICE  5.5/10

OxyElite Pro is without a doubt one of the best weight loss supplements on the market.  I haven’t tried them all, but after using OEP for six weeks during the P90X routine, I will not be using any other product for weight loss in the near future.  The large list of benefits heavily outweighs the few negatives that are associated with it.  I have already recommended the product to friends and family who are looking to lose weight fast, and will continue to do so until a better product comes out.  But until then, I’ll be using OxyElite Pro.


Wow-Pro: A World of Warcraft addon review

16 12 2010

As is the case with every expansion release, everyone is leveling characters up. Maybe you’re like me and leveling a new character (probably Goblin or Worgen) from 1 to 85, or maybe you’re just getting your main up to 85 for endgame raiding. Either way, almost everyone is doing at least SOME questing at this point in the game, whether its dailies for reputation, for leveling purposes, or for other reasons. So I thought I would review an addon that I use which really helps with my questing and leveling. That addon is Wow-Pro.

Addon: Wow-Pro
Author: Jiyabi (Sarah Herzog)
Website: http://wow-pro.com
Category: Questing/Leveling

Wow-Pro will greatly suit anyone who is looking to better their questing experience in Azeroth .  Whether you are leveling an alt, going for the Loremaster achievement, looking to make some extra gold through questing, or leveling your main to 85, Wow-Pro will make your questing experience more efficient, more productive, and most importantly, more enjoyable.

There are numerous addons that are designed to make your questing experience more productive, more efficient, and more fun (questhelper, lightheaded, cartographer, etc).  And although these addons can be helpful, all of them that I have used have had their fair share of drawbacks.  Almost all of them are huge memory hogs, they feel very clunky to use in general, and are not very user friendly.  WoW-Pro is better than all of these addons in nearly every way.

WoW-Pro takes almost all of the quests in a single zone and lays them out for you so that you do as little backtracking as possible.  It is used in conjunction with TomTom, so that as soon as you complete a quest, a waypoint is added to your map at the location of the questgiver.  Once handing the quest in, a new waypoint is added at the location of the next quest objective.  It is almost like turning an entire zone worth of quests into one huge quest.

By utilizing Wow-Pro, you will level at a pace incredibly faster than with any other leveling addon, and with zero extra effort.  There is less time spent alt+tabbed and studying quest text, and more time spent actually getting XP and level gains.  It even tells you where to set your Hearthstone in order to minimize travel times.

There are almost no drawbacks to this addon.  If I had to come up with one, it would be that it limits travel a bit due to having to set your hearthstone to the inn corresponding with the guide.

Simply put, Wow-Pro is the cream of the crop when it comes to questing assistance.  I know, Blizzard has introduced their own questing guides, which can be helpful at times.  But in no way does it stack up to the features, benefits, and pure awesomeness that is Wow-Pro.  If you want to level faster, more efficiently, and have more fun doing it, then I highly suggest trying it out.  If you want more information on the addon and what it has to offer, then check out their website.  Theres a great informational video that you will find helpful.