I’m flattered that you are interested in learning more about me! I have taken the liberty to break this page into two sections: one about me, and one about the blog. I have done this so that if you are more interested in learning about one over the other, you can skip to that section with ease.

About Me:

My name is Michael. I am a 25-year-old man, married and hard-working. I was born in Savannah, Georgia, and I still live in the same small town that I was raised in. I am sure this sounds like a drag to most people, but I love this place and being close to my friends and family, and I have no intentions of moving away anytime in the near future.

I like spending my free time gaming and watching college football. I also love spending time with my family and friends, researching technology and social media, and exploring the wine world. I love listening to many different genres of music, and I am somewhat of a movie buff as well.

Looking at my interests, its easy to see how I quickly fell out of shape after graduating high school. Not only did my hobbies and interests contribute to the downfall of my health, but the amazing southern cuisine that I indulged in daily was a large contributing factor as well. I noticed my health and my appearance rapidly going downhill, but I couldn’t get motivated enough to get up and do something about it. I would attempt to eat healthy for a week only to make up for it on the weekends with beer, sweets, and fried foods.

I proposed to my wife in December of 2009 and decided then that I would not get married as an unfit man with an unhealthy lifestyle. After seeing multiple friends talk about P90X on Facebook, and being completely intrigued by the infomercial, I decided that I would give the program a shot.  I completed my first round of P90X in November 2010, and ended up in the 175lbs range and in the best shape I had ever been in.

About this Blog:

I started this blog with a few intentions, mostly as a avenue for my interest in gaming and my newfound interest in health and fitness. I’ll be providing my thoughts on all things gaming (and specifically World of Warcraft) related, a few things concerning mobile technology here and there, and the occasional post on health and fitness.   Every post what I will be entering into this blog will be typed and submitted from my Android cell phone, so please keep that in mind and be forgiving of any typos, misplaced words, or spelling errors.


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22 09 2010
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