My post cataclysm thoughts and impressions

9 12 2010

My Goblin's name is Peedrinker

As I stated in my last post, my plan for cataclysm is to level my Goblin Shaman from 1 to 85. I would like to do this uninterruptedly, meaning I’m really going to do my best to not even log onto any of my 4 level 80 characters until I reach 85. I really want to relive every aspect of leveling up to endgame, only in a new and interesting setting and with new friends.

So far, my impressions of cata are very good. Sure I’m only level 15, but I had fun completing the early Goblin quests in their new starting zone. I love how well they implemented the phasing into my little journey. It kept things interesting and made it rally hard for me to stop playing and go to bed at night.

I’m hoping that playing and leveling with my new guild of fellow bloggers will add the missing element of fun that I’ve been looking for since way back at the release of BC.  I can’t wait to start hitting the revamped 5 man dungeons with them.  What are you guys looking for in cata?  To enjoy the new content?  The guild ranking system?  Pwning noobs while they are innocently attacking a murloc?  Or are your goals and expectations similar to mine that I mention above?




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14 12 2010

Back in Vanilla, I have some really fond memories, because that’s what we made back then. It wasn’t about the next purple pixel, it was about the team, and about having some fun.

With all the Theorycrafting, and Gearscore crap the fun was beat out of the game, here we are a fresh start with Cataclysm.

Let’s just hang out with our wangs out….(except the females in our guild, but I’ll give then honorary wangs they can hang out with)

You know what I mean. Have fun, as a team, to go into a dungeon, learn a strat, even by trial and error if we have to, and overcome things…together.

15 12 2010

Yeah, that really is what made Vanilla so much fun. Raiding with 40 people as opposed to the 25 (and soon to be 10) that we are accustomed to now just made teamwork absolutely essential. Thats why anyone who played in Vanilla will always talk about how much better it was then.

I’m looking forward to having fun with the game again. I’m enjoying actually reading quests and wondering whats coming next in the story and all. Its something I haven’t done since way back when.

*Unzip* ok now lets hang out…wait

15 12 2010

hehe welcome back, hope you enjoy rolling Goblin so far, I’ve enjoyed it a lot.

15 12 2010

Hey Creep. I’ve enjoyed leveling my goblin a lot. Even more than I had expected to, actually. That is probably due to the good company that I have nowadays!

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