Cataclysm will eat my soul

6 12 2010

Its no secret that the Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft comes out tonight at midnight. I’ve even seen it mentioned on news websites, tv stations, and even saw a cloud in the shape of Deathwing yesterday. The WoW community as a whole has very high expectations for Cataclysm (I’ll just call it Cata from this point on), and for good reason. WoW has been a stagnant mmo for quite some time now. Many debate the reasons why, but there is no denying that the game is simply not as fun as it was in the glory days of vanilla. But I think that Blizzard has gotten a good grasp on what people are looking for in their game. They performed a lot of experiments in Wrath of the Lich King and I feel that they will really deliver on this expansion.

So what are my plans for Cata? Well, I want to fully experience the new guild ranking system, the new leveling content, and the new races. I’ve already joined a guild of great people (more on this later) and I’ve locked down a name for my new Goblin Shaman. My plans for Cata are to level my new shammy up at the pace of the rest of my guild. I want to fully experience and enjoy the new questing content in a way that I haven’t since my first character in vanilla. And I feel like that is completely possible, mostly because of the guild I’m in.

My guild, Latency Lowlifes, is a group of fellow mmo and gaming bloggers. Some of them I have known for quite a while, and a few of them I have hardly met. But the one thing that I do know about all of them is that they are great people. I can tell this from their blogs. They’re all fun, easy going, and best of all, not the elitist prick that everyone else playing WoW these days seems to be. I can’t wait to see all of the new and exciting things that Cata will bring to the table alongside these guys. I think it will not only add a higher level of fun and excitement to the game, but to my blogging as well.

So until Azeroth is shredded and gorged into tiny little bits, I should probably do the work that I’m getting paid to do right now.




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7 12 2010

Seriously, who is your favorite blogger in the guild? Lol Jk my kids always ask me who is my favorite. I tell them all how much they all suck.

I can’t wait to start playing in this guild too. I’ll be dishing out cash to all the new toons tonight. That is how the Lowlifes roll. We take care of our peeps. It’s River’s money so I have nothing to loose.

I hope it is as fun as we hope. We just have to remember things with a new guild.

1. Patiance
2. Not everybody levels same speed
3. Have fun
4. Don’t expect anything you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself
5. End game will always be there and it will change everytime you blink. So no hurry getting there.

7 12 2010

Yeah, I really think the fact that we all will be playing together, leveling together, and probably blogging about it a little in-between will keep us all engaged and interested from level 1 to 85.

9 12 2010

Should be fun. I’ve been a fan of Scary’s blog for some time and his Tweets are, well, just not ready for prime time, which is great. I’m more interested in getting achievements and leveling up a guild under the new system than doing any end game stuff. I’ve done it, it was ok, in the right setting, but I’m not a hard core raider. I’m very excited about hanging with a bunch of very laid back bloggers and gamers.

It should be fun. Leave your egos at the door and bring a good sense of humor, dirty or otherwise. lol

10 12 2010

Yeah I’ve done the serious endgame grind before too. Maybe there will be a time for that in the future, but I guess we can all cross that bridge when we get to it. Its definitely going to be enjoyable playing the expansion with you guys.

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