Halo: Reach – My impressions

27 09 2010

Before I begin to unload my thoughts on Halo: Reach, I want to apologize for my lack of updates over the past week. I had to replace my phone due to a blown external speaker, so I was phoneless for a few days. Without my smartphone, I’m unable to access the internet at work, which is where I write most of my posts. So again, I’m sorry. Now on to the juicy stuff.

I recently picked up Holo: Reach from Gamestop for the low price of $65 (shoot me now). To be honest, I have never been a fan of the Halo series. I’ve owned every installment leading up to reach, but traded them in after cakewalking through the story mode for the achievements. But at the suggestion of a friend, who has an opinion on gaming that I respect, I bought Reach with an open mind. After playing it constantly for about a week, I am hooked.

In the previous Halo games, I couldn’t enjoy the multiplayer gameplay because of how slow the game felt. I always felt like I was moving around in knee-deep mud. It just made the experience seem awkward and unnatural to me, and as a result, I grew bored quickly. But Reach has rectified that with a sprint ability that does actually speed the pace of the game up considerably.

There is also a jetpack that can be utilized at certain points in.the story mode and in some multiplayer matches as well. It adds a fun factor that was somehow missing before, and it brings me back to great times playing Tribes online until the sun came up.

The graphics in this game are incredible. Easily some of the best graphics I’ve seen to.date, on any console. Bungie has done a great job of making an environment that is foreign and fictional seem very real and believable, and the smoothness of the movement and controls really make you feel like you are a part of the world itself.

The online play is very addictive. The different maps and game modes are fun, and the competition is fierce. I have yet to experience any law or packet loss, and the experience is honestly the best I’ve seen when it comes to a polished multiplayer experience. The ranking system rewards those who prefer to play online, and the daily/weekly tasks add another aspect of enjoyment to the matchmaking system.

I.definitely give this game my solid recommendation. Both the story and matchmaking modes are exceptional and engaging, and you will have a hard time putting the controller down for work or sleep. So buy a box or three of cheezits, call in to work sick, and get ready for a solid gaming experience with Halo: Reach.



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28 09 2010

I wish I had Xbox 360. After I got the red ring, I got rid of all Xbox and went PS3. I’m enjoying MW2 as I said on Twitter yesterday.

Side note: I didn’t know you were fellow mobile blogger. It is fun way to blog.

28 09 2010

Yeah, the red ring can be a fun sucker. Luckily I have a friend that fixes them for only a few bucks, so its not a big concern for me. I do want a ps3 though, I much prefer the controller over that of the 360.

I switched tm WordPress for this blog so I could run it from my phone. It’s much more convenient, and to be honest, I prefer it over the platform website.

3 12 2010
Audio Switch

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