Four days until the release of Civilization V

18 09 2010

Set to drop on September 21, Civilization V has been on the minds of many PC gamers lately, mine included.  With its release only 4 days away, I’m seriously considering buying Civ5 over Starcraft II.

I was in the Starcraft II beta when keys were selling for hundreds of dollars, and at the time, I really enjoyed it.  I was never much of a RTS gamer before I tried the beta.  I always associated RTS games with terrible graphics, boring gameplay, lightning bolts, and bottle cap glasses.  So when I tried the beta, it was a complete new experience for me and a welcomed change from WoW.  I have not bought SC2 yet, because $60 is a lot for a game when you’re broke as hell, but was planning on getting it in the next week or two.  However, after reading some reviews and previews of Civ5, I’m really starting to lean toward it instead of SC2 for a few reasons:

  1. It’s new. The last game of Civ I played was probably about 18 years ago at a LAN party with some relatives.  It was fun, but I was more into FPS games like Quake and Unreal at the time.  I played the SC2 beta and buying Civ5 instead would be something completely new and fun.
  2. I have friends that are avid Civ players. Everyone knows playing with friends is always more fun.
  3. The community. SC2, and pretty much any Blizzard owned game these days, is chock full of elitist pricks and epeen strokers.  My experience with the community surrounding Civ so far is the complete opposite.
  4. The price. Civ5 preorders are averaging at a price around $45.  That much more reasonable than the bloated price tag on SC2.

Almost every review I have seen for Civ5 so far has been incredible positive.  The more I think about it the further I lean toward buying this game, but honestly, comparing this game to SC2 is probably a case of apples vs oranges.  Is anyone else giving it consideration?  Did anyone play the beta?  How did it rank against SC2?



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