Looking forward to these games? I know I am

14 09 2010

There are a couple of games set for release later this year and early 2011 that I am really looking forward to.  It’s been a while since I bought a game that I was truly excited about sitting down and spending a couple 10 hours on, while doing the peepee dance on the couch and nuking 5 minute burritos during cut scenes.  While the burritos will definitely no longer be a part of my gaming tradition, the peepee dance will live on!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – October 26, 2010 – All platforms

The first installment of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was a big hit for LucasArts.  The game delivered in areas where most previous Star Wars games failed to.  It provided epic battles, a great story line, and just a general feeling of a polished and awesome game that was fun and engaging from beginning to end.  While it had its downfalls, the overall experience of the game was positive throughout the gaming community.  SW:FU2 picks up where it’s predecessor left off which will give gamers a chance to follow on a path of darkness and revenge.  It will be interesting to see how the story is explained, however, due to the original story ending with the main character, Starkiller, being left as either dead or a half-man puppet for the Emperor after “killing” Darth Vader.  Can’t wait to put my thumbs to the sticks with this one!

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – October 5, 2010 – Xbox 360

When I was sucking my thumb and carrying around a blankie, Castlevania was one of my favorite games to play.  With its original release on Famicom and NES, the game set the groundwork for an amazing story line chock full of good vs evil, werewolves, and pure epicness.  Nearly all follow-ups to the original failed to provide the entertainment and enjoyment of their roots, however.  All attempts at a 3D Castlevania were failures and poorly received by gamers worldwide.  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, however, is sure to deliver where it’s predecessors could not.  Using a fighting system much like that of recent 3D action games such as God of War and Dante’s Inferno, the battles will be epic and the entertainment plentiful.  It will feature insanely oversized opponents, like those which were found in Shadow of the Colossus, an experience point system for building up skills and abilities, and combination moves to counter evil with.  I will be picking this one up from Gamestop the day it is released.

Portal 2 – February 9, 2011 – Xbox 360, PS3, PC

The original Portal delivered gameplay in a way that had never been done before.  It combined FPS and strategy with one simple tool: a portal gun.  It challenged gamers to think with different processes and different reasoning, which is always fun on a different level than the run of the mill mindless hacking and slashing that many games provide today.  Portal 2 will also feature a coop mode, which will challenge players to thinking even harder, and refrain from smacking their buddy in the back of the head.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

I have never been a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, but after seeing this trailer at E3 this year, I was really looking forward to trying this game out.  The combat mechanics with the katana looks completely original and a welcomed change from the unorganized button mashing that competitors offer.  And that in conjunction with the stealthy aspect of this storyline, I believe it will be a fun and original way to play an action game.  The katana that Raiden, the main character, uses has the ability to slice through anything and anyone that the player wishes to.  It will be tempting to slice heads throughout the whole game, but there is also an achievement for the tree huggers out there who are able to not harm any human being.  While it sounds fun and challenging, it’s just not my way of doing things.



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16 09 2010

Forced Unleashed 2 is looking hot

16 09 2010

Yeah it is! I think LucasArts has taken everything that was subpar about the original and improved it, and taken everything that was amazing about the original and made it even better. That game will almost definitely make me a hermit for a few days.

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