A few useful Extensions for Google Chrome

9 09 2010

I will be the first to say that I love Google.  I love the fact that they offer many of the great products that other companies do, but do it for free.  I love the fact that their company seems to have a respectable moral and ethical stance in an industry that is severely lacking in that area today.  I also love their internet browser, Chrome.  For me, it just seems a bit cleaner and more polished than it’s competitors.

One of the best features of Chrome is the Extensions.  What is an Extension?  Basically, it is an app designed for your browser that offers additional  functionality.  I thought I would take a minute and list out some of my favorite extensions for Chrome.  If you are looking to try out the extensions feature in Chrome, maybe start with a few of these.

  • Chromed Bird – This is an extension for managing your Twitter account.  You can compose tweets, view timelines, send direct messages, manage lists, and do basically anything you would want to do from your twitter account.  This is by far the best Twitter extension I have found for Chrome.
  • Google Reader Notifier – Adds a button to your browser that will notify you when a new unread item appears in your Google Reader.  Clicking the button will show a drop box with links to all of the unread items.  Very useful for bloggers and RSS whores, if you use Google Reader that is.
  • Delicious Tools – Bookmark manager for Delicious.com.  Allows you to add a bookmark from any page or jump directly to your inbox and bookmarks pages.  Simple and effective.
  • goo.gl URL Shortener – Google’s URL shortener.  When you click the button, it shortens the url.  Its fast and easy, in complete Google fashion.
  • Digg for Chrome – Digg’s official Chrome extension.  Allows you to submit the current site to digg or share the story with multiple other social platforms.
  • SmoothScroll – Makes mouse and keyboard scrolling smoother.
  • Aviary Screen Capture – Allows you to take a screenshot of your current window and edit the screenshot without having to ever leave your browser.  Very handy extension.
  • Google Dictionary – Allows you to see the definition of a word by either doubleclicking the word directly or clicking the dictionary extension button and typing the word in.

I do use a few others, but they are mostly for personal preference.  If there is interest, I’ll post those as well.  If you decide to try one of these out based on my recommendation, let me know in a comment below!  Tell me if you find the extensions you tried useful, or if you thought they not so useful.



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