Heroes of Newerth

8 09 2010

Last night, a friend mentioned to me that he had been playing Heroes of Newerth over the past few weeks and has really come to enjoy it.  I respect his opinion in the gamingsphere, and since I have never heard of it, I looked it up on youtube.  While watching the first gameplay video I clicked on, my initial thoughts were “wow, this looks like Starcraft 2.”  Which to be honest, with the detailed graphics and overhead camera, it does.  But as I looked into reviews and guides, the gameplay appears to be almost exactly that of Defense of the Ancients.  I have no experience with DotA, but I have heard of it as it has a long standing reputation in the RTS world.

I think I will go pick up a copy of HoN this weekend.  It runs for $30, and online play is free, so the price is really very reasonable.  From what I’ve heard, the community is very unforgiving of mistakes, so I’m sure I will make plenty of “friends” my first week of playing.  Have you guys played Heroes of Newerth?  What did you think?



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