Startling facts about Childhood Obesity

6 09 2010


Most of us probably know that there is a growing problem in our country today with childhood obesity.  But how serious of a problem can it be?  Well, turns out that it is more serious than you would think.

I read an article today published by the New York Times that featured a study of childhood obesity within the city of New York.  Of the 637,000 children from kindergarten to eighth grade who were part of the study, 40% were either obese or overweight.  Nearly half!

Parents should use more caution when preparing meals for their children.  I understand that switching to a healthy meal plan involves time, money, and dedication, but when looking at the risks of childhood obesity and the lifelong struggles it can cause for children, the sacrifices are definitely worth it.

Childhood obesity can result in high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bone and joint issues, sleep apnea, asthma, diabetes, and poor self-esteem in children.  As obese children grow into obese adults, they will face additional health risks like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, and various types of cancer.

If we want a healthy future for our country, we need to take an active role, as parents and as adults, in fighting the growing concern of childhood obesity.  Teach your children the benefits of living healthy.  Spend time outside with them playing sports, riding bikes, fishing, or anything else that will make exercising fun for them and rewarding for you as well.  Leading by example is very important.  The old “do as I say, not as I do” attitude simply will not be enough to instill a healthy lifestyle for your family or yourself.



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