Angry Birds Lite Beta for Android – First Impressions

4 09 2010

Angry Birds Lite Beta, the highly anticipated game on the Android platform, was released into the Android Marketplace today.  For those who have not heard of the game before, it was initially released on the iPhone in December 2009 and quickly became one of the most popular games available in the iTunes appstore.  The objective is to play as a flock of birds who have lost their beloved eggs to a heathen group of pigs.  Each level has the pigs hiding within different structures and buildings, and the objective is to slingshot your fellow flock members as weapons to try and knock over the structures, killing the pigs.  When all of the evil pigs are either directly hit, or killed by a falling building, the next level is unlocked.

  • GameplayThe gameplay here is simple and addictive.  Simply pull back on the slingshot with your finger, adjust your trajectory to the appropriate level, and let the bird fly.  You can pinch to zoom in or out for a better field of view.
  • GraphicsThe graphics here are great, and the frame rates are smooth.  Although there are some pauses and slight delays between levels, they hardly interfere with the gameplay.
  • Game depthThe beta version has 15 levels for your pleasure.  I went through all 15 in about an hours time, but until the full version is released, I will be going back and aiming to beat high scores.  This game is just that fun to play.  When the full version arrives on the market for download, I’m sure that many, MANY more levels will be available.
  • Overall ImpressionsOn arrival, the full version of this game will almost definitely take the crown as the best game in the Android Market.  Everything about this game is fun, even down to the sounds.  The beta version has a few issues with compatibility across all Android versions (I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it running), but I would expect this to be resolved before a full launch.  Even though it is a beta, it will provide hours of enjoyment for the waiting room or slow day at work.
  • VerdictRecommended



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