In the beginning…

3 09 2010

This blog is a reflection of my journey toward a healthier body and mind, and that journey begins with a program known as P90X.  If you have not heard of it, you can find more information here.  I will be sharing my thoughts regarding the workouts and diet incorporated with P90X, as well as any other information I come across that I find motivational, inspirational, or just flat out helpful.

My name is Michael Edwards.  I love a lot of things that are really terrible for me, so it is vital that I make a permanent change in my lifestyle.  Some of the things that I love are movies, music, video games, college football, beer and wine, sweet tea and fried chicken, and fast food.  Now you understand why I’m trying to develop a more healthy lifestyle.  As I update this blog, I encourage you to give me your thoughts on the things that I share with you.  While I created this blog primarily for motivation and accountability purposes, your comments will make this a much more rewarding experience for me, and a better experience for you as a reader as well.



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